Carefree dining, drinking, dancing and dozing off

The Leiden area is on its way to beating all other Dutch regions in sustainable hospitality! From Leiderdorp to beachresorts Noordwijk and Katwijk: we will tell you all about it.

Will restaurant Logica win the sustainability award?

Logica on the Stille Rijn is nominated for a national award for sustainable hospitality. The organic restaurant shares the shortlist with four other Dutch places. Your vote can help Logica win!

Container Kicks

Help your Chinese restaurant reduce its waste. The free plastic bags and containers are sóóó twentieth century. What can you do? Bring your own containers, as doggy bags or for your take-away order.

Enough wasted, here comes the doggy bag

Food that you leave on your plate, is thrown away. It needn’t be.

Huh? Why should we bother?

Here are some reasons, just to name a few.