Carefree dining, drinking, dancing and dozing off

The Leiden area is on its way to beating all other Dutch regions in sustainable hospitality! From Leiderdorp to beachresorts Noordwijk and Katwijk: we will tell you all about it.

Considerable CO2 reduction by 55 Leiden restaurants

The Leiden energy scan for the catering industry is a success. Upon the request for such a scan from our…

Tap water talks!

Tap water has a tall story! Now it professes to beat bottled water. In taste, in footprint and in revenues for the restaurant. Can you believe it?

A climate friendly steak tartar

A Christmas recipe by Eric van Veluwen from the eastern part of in The Netherlands. This renowned chef works sustainably. He prepared our fully organic lunch last November, for cooks and restaurant owners in the Leiden region. The sold-out lunch, held in the Corpus building, was a coproduction of our foundation (Duurzame Horeca Leiden en omstreken) with the EKO Keurmerk foundation that certifies restaurants for organic ingredients. Afterwards, Eric provided us with this yummy festive recipe.

Alexander wants to go greener, but Europeans prefer meat

The large Chinese restaurant Alexander, in Leidens Stevenshof-district, has made quite a few sustainable choices. Prize-winning chef Anja Hu Ma recounts how she is gradually reforming the traditional menu.

Will restaurant Logica win the sustainability award?

Logica on the Stille Rijn is nominated for a national award for sustainable hospitality. The organic restaurant shares the shortlist with four other Dutch places. Your vote can help Logica win!

Container Kicks

Help your Chinese restaurant reduce its waste. The free plastic bags and containers are sóóó twentieth century. What can you do? Bring your own containers, as doggy bags or for your take-away order.

Fancy some delicious fish without a nasty aftertaste?

Dutch restaurants seldom serve sustainably caught fish. A national stimulation programme tries to change this. Leiden catches on.

Burger in the Vrouwensteeg

Our team member Benjamin temporarily resides in Yale, close to New York. The meat culture there reminds him of the delicious veggie burger he tasted in Leiden.

‘I’m afraid that the quiche is sold out’

Two Leiden-based restaurant owners reveal why they choose to disappoint their customers on a regular basis. And tell about other measures and choices that are yet uncommon in the sector.

Watt’s the problem?

Stagelights are energy-devourers. Leiden theatres are taming them.